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Pater Noster [Jun. 15th, 2014|09:04 am]
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These past few years, I have had many opportunities in my recent state in life to reflect on fatherhood. I am by no means near the end of these reflections, but these times seem to call for an ever more urgent consideration of these things. It is a damning indictment of this generation that simple presence, or sticking around-- the most basic duty of fatherhood, its bare minimum and least foundation-- has come to almost be considered a credit, and in some areas even a rarity and a prodigy.

I hold myself to no such standard. I know that so much more is expected of me. The one I need to measure up to is a Heavenly Father, and my primary duty is not simply to feed my family (though that is certainly part of it) but to get my family to Paradise.

In a generation that has forgotten honour, I need to raise my boy to be an honourable man. In a generation that seems content with poor facsimiles of men, I need to provide my daughter with a model of strength and sweetness. In a generation that can only say, "Don't be a creep," I need to say, "Blessed are the pure in spirit." In a generation that only cares whether their children will earn enough, I only care whether my children will give away enough.

The fact that I need all these lessons myself (perhaps two or threefold) doesn't excuse me. But I, nor anyone else, need not despair. That same Heavenly Father I aspire to is my same help and succor, the source, center and summit of my life as a son and a father. None of us need ever say we are orphans ever again.

Happy Father's Day, all! And Happy Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity!